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Hello from the land of cosmetic tattooing!

You may be wondering what the heck I am talking about!? Or maybe you’ve seen my updates on Snapchat… I had my eyebrows tattooed!!! It sounds a little nuts right?! Well, NOT AT ALL! It’s been a GAME CHANGER for me thus far and I have no idea why I didn’t commit to the process sooner. This post is going to be a bit of a long read. I want to make sure to share the full experience with you and answer all the questions you’ve been asking over the past month – so grab a coffee and get cozy!

I wish I had a photo handy of the transition my eyebrows have taken over the years. Back in the early 2000’s, there was no such thing as a ‘selfie’ so I have nothing to share with you. I think back to my late teens where I over plucked so badly to achieve that one haired arch. This led to a set of ‘clown eyebrows’ which were fully draw in with a liquid liner. Not smart! As the years went on, I attempted to grow my own eyebrows in, but they just never came in the same.

While browsing Instagram one evening, I stumbled across the technique of ‘microbladed eyebrows’. Feather strokes that appear as though they are REAL hairs. I was SOLD! I didn’t want just anyone tattooing me, (I mean come on – it’s your face!) so I began searching locally. I found Tracey Rosman of on Instagram and I REALLY liked her work. I watched her work for months and months and decided to contact her to book in. It turned out that she was in the process of opening a brand new studio in Kelowna and I was her first client in the new space (it’s GORGEOUS btw and perfect for large group pedicure parties).

I have to admit, I was super nervous when it came time for my appointment. Which you can see in the first couple of pics lol. I’m not great in situations that I haven’t experienced before. I wasn’t nervous about the fact that it was a semi permanent tattoo because I was really confident in Tracey’s work, I was nervous about if it would hurt or not. Turns out it didn’t hurt AT ALL (felt like little scratches) thanks to the numbing cream that Tracey put on me! That made it a breeze!! I think I was also a little off because I had just smashed my phone moments prior to entering her salon – just my luck!

The appointment took just over a two hours. The first hour was the consult/ prep and the next hour was the tattooing process, pigment setting and a touch up. After the first session, my brows faded about 40% from when the pigment darkened. I have my next appointment at the end of this month for my final touch up and to finalize any tweaks that I want to make.

Tracey and I spoke in length about what to expect in the coming weeks after the procedure was complete. I was told to expect the ‘eyebrow highs and lows’.  Leaving the appointment they were how I expected them. Then, in the following couple of days, they darkened dramatically. They were very intense but I LOVED them! As someone with not much to show to begin with, I had always dreamed of big bold brows, so it was a fun experience to have that look for a week before they settled. Tracey’s follows a ‘dry healing process’ so I had to make sure that I didn’t get them wet at all throughout the week.

From day two to seven they were just really dark, no redness or swelling at all. By day seven the darkness had faded and my eyebrows began to experience the peeling process. The flakes were the same colour as the pigment and as it flaked off, it revealed the feathered hair strokes underneath. I made sure that I didn’t pick at them and just let them heal on their own – but it was tempting, as I was so curious to see what remained from our session. By the tenth day, they were fully healed and looked fabulous!

You would definitely not want to book any events or large activities for the first two weeks as your brows will look a little weird. Plus, you have to stay away from heavy perspiration and the sun. Fall would be the perfect time of year to have this done!

I have my touch up booked for the end of this month. That will bring us to the eight week mark. I could have booked in at four weeks, but I just couldn’t make it work with my schedule. I will be sure to check in again once my final session is complete.

I know you’re all messaging me (very politely) asking the cost of microbladed eyebrows. The cost is $500 and it includes two sessions. My eyebrows can last up to two years (or even more) depending on care and how well my skin holds the pigment.

This procedure has HONESTLY changed my life  and I recommend 100%. Just imagine being able to wake up with eyebrows ON every morning. Imagine not having to worry if they’re  still there  by end of day… GAME CHANGER! If you have any additional questions, be sure to reach out to Tracey Rosman for additional information and to BOOK IN. I can’t wait to see your before and after!

Photo Credit: Tara Peach Photography

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