So many products, where do I even begin?!

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Well, I have received my first blog request, I’m THRILLED! The request was for me to tell you what I use on my hair. I started to think about tools and products; what I’ve tried (almost everything) and what I loved and use weekly. Since there were so many that came to mind that I wanted to share with you, I decided to break it down into a two part blog. The first part being “Wet Hair- Shampooing and Conditioning.”

My fine/thin hair has seen the worst and the best, from over bleaching to having hair extensions rip all my hair out to the gorgeous pregnancy hair (which only lasts while you are pregnant and shortly after- total bummer.) So now I’m living in the real world again, the day to day up keep. I have learned a few tips about the washing process along the way:

  1. Drugstore shampoos and conditioners are waxy and weigh your hair down;
  2. The less shampoo you use and the less the shampoo lathers, the better;
  3. As a blonde, purple shampoo is my saviour;
  4. Deep condition daily.

I never buy my products from the drugstore store; I always go to the salon. I know you’re thinking… it costs a fortune… It really doesn’t. It’s worth every penny! I go to First Choice to get my products. I know they sell them at Winner’s etc., but I’ve always been under the impression that those products are expired (they just don’t seem to work as well) and they also don’t have a satisfaction guarantee. But however you obtain them, they will be better than drugstore products by far.

Since I have blonde hair (not as blonde as before) I use a purple shampoo once a week to snaz up my blonde and make it vibrant again. You can find purple shampoo at any drugstore and since you’re only using it once a week; it’s ok to get it from the grocery store.  It takes the brassiness (what I like to call “orange”) out of my hair. The rest of the week I rotate between a clarifying shampoo and a recovery shampoo. I find switching it up helps to keep it volumized.

I rarely use a basic conditioner after shampooing, I much prefer to use a deep conditioner- much better results!

When my hair is damp, I spray a leave-in conditioner in, followed by a small amount of serum from the middle of my head down to the tips. Then the drying and styling begins… which will follow in Part Two (coming soon). If you have a blog request feel free to click the link “Ask Me Anything” above or send me a message by clicking “Submit”. Are there any Shampooing or Conditioning products you love and can’t live without? Please share in the comment/notes section below or on Facebook. Happy Washing!


Bed Head Re- Energize Shampoo:

Bed Head Recovery Shampoo (smells like Skittles):

Paul Mitchell Daily Shampoo (nice and light):

Regis- Enchanted Cashmere Shampoo (smells amazing!):

Joico Violet Shampoo:

S Factor Serious Conditioner:

Joico KPak Deep Conditioner:

It’s a 10 Leave in conditioner:

Moroccan Oil Serum (helps to repair hair as well as silky goodness):

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