Styling 101- After the Shower

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During the week my alarm goes off at 5:30am (yes- you read correct- LOL.) I use to hit snooze thinking… Ugh, I can just wear my hair in a wet ponytail or bun to save myself 15 minutes and I could sleep instead… times have changed; I actually look forward to getting up and ready! I guess after being in a ponytail and pyjamas on maternity leave for a year makes me want to get dressed up everyday (I’m sure my coworkers think I go WAY overboard- but I could care less; my dry cleaned blouses and blazers look FAB!)

In continuing with my previous post and the theme of hair, I would like to share a few tips with respect to drying, styling and overall care:

  1. Don’t sleep with a ponytail in, your hair will break;
  2. When your hair is wet it is fragile, make sure you use a pick or a wet brush to brush it (after you spray in your leave in conditioner or detangler);
  3. Make sure your hair is bone dry before you begin to curl or straighten;
  4. Use a brush while blow-drying to avoid frizz and fly a ways;
  5. Wrapping your hair around the outside of your curling iron will give you a really nice wavy curl- be careful not to burn yourself! They make gloves you can use if you’re not that coordinated (if I’m doing the left side of my hair, I reach my right hand over my head with the iron and wrap with my left hand)

When it comes to styling, you want to make sure you have a good straightener and curling iron- it makes ALL the difference. I use to use a Conair curling iron (from the drug store) and I could never figure out why my hair would go flat and straight about an hour later until I bought a Hot Tools curling iron (1 ¼”inch)- OMG my hair is still curly the next day!

When it comes to buying a straightener, you want to make sure it can heat up to approx 405F, 1”inch ceramic plates are nice too, you want it to GLIDE, and I mean GLIDE through your hair. I have been using a CHI and I feel like a whole new woman! No more frizz or fly a ways. I just have to pull it through once and BAM! There are a lot of choices out there. You can find them at places like First Choice, Chatters,, Ebay or even at the supplier. Just keep an eye out for a good sale.

I finish my look off with a small amount of hair spray and a few spritz of Shine Spray. Are there any styling products or tools that you love and can’t live without? Please share in the comment section below.

Happy Styling!

Tools & Products

Hair Brush- it’s the only one I use!

BaByliss Blow Dryer

Hot Tools Curling Iron

CHI Straightening Iron

Big Sexy Hair Weightless Hairspray

It’s a 10 Shine Spray

S Factor Shiny Happy People Shine Spray- no longer on website but comparable to this

Textiles- Evelynn Charles Shine Spray

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