5 Takeaways From BlogPodium 2015


The family and I are all settled back at home (including a mountain of laundry) after a weekend away in Vancouver for BlogPodium. What’s BlogPodium you ask?! It’s a series of conferences and small workshops for Lifestyle and Design Bloggers designed to connect people together, encourage collaboration and inspire.

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When I heard about this event,¬†I knew RIGHT AWAY that this was something that I HAD to attend! I clicked ‘checkout’ on the ticket as quickly as I would a pair of shoes on a hot sale!!! I knew leaving our baby for the day was going to be hard, but it was something I couldn’t pass up… and it was way harder than I thought it would be ūüôĀ

Of course, I was up like a bazillion times the night before the conference¬†with the baby… go figure¬†hey!¬†With as little as 3 hours sleep, I half ass got myself together; I ended up forgetting half of my outfit and makeup. It seriously never fails. LOL. I arrived at the¬†Pan Pacific Hotel (what a stunning hotel let me add) with just enough time to chug back a couple cups of coffee and shake of the exhaustion.

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The marketplace opened bright and early so I did a little shopping¬†before my jam packed schedule began.¬†I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne from ModernFort¬†and bought a cute ‘Hipster Bunny’ onesie.¬†Each month they support an organization or cause and as a token of gratitude, products purchased during the campaign will help raise funds and awareness towards the featured cause. I love shopping with a cause.

The day was loaded with inspirational speakers. I had the pleasure of listening to ladies such as quintessential busy-bee and host of Love It Or List It, Jillian Harris, power house and blogger,¬†Alexandra Grant of To Vogue Or Bust and girl boss Erin Sousa of Sparkle Media. These women were kickin’ ass and taking names!

Here are my 5 takeaways from the event:

  1. Focus On Content: Be YOU and focus on creating rich content for your readers. The goal is to attract loyal readers and engage them. Inspired by: Erin Sousa
  2. Photography Is Key: A sharp crisp image will attract ‘likes’ so know your lighting and make sure you stay away from too many filters. If you’re looking to attract more followers, ¬†know that they will decide if they like you or not based on your first 9 photos on Instagram. ¬†Inspired by: Alexandra Grant /Jillian Harris
  3. It’s OK to ask for money: Don’t sell yourself short, “you can’t pay your mortgage on cupcakes!” – Jillian Harris
  4. Be Prepared: When you’re about to approach a company because you want to work with them, it’s not just about your numbers. Have your media kit prepared, outline what you are looking for, what you are offering and be sure to be their biggest cheerleader. They are likely to choose you over someone who hasn’t done their homework, so make it easy for them to choose you! Inspired by: Erin Sousa
  5. Alignment: Make sure that the products and companies you are working with are in line with your brand and values. If you are stretching it and just trying to make a buck, it will reflect in your content and your readers will know. Inspired by: Gemma Bonham-Carter of The Sweetest Digs

I learned so much this past weekend and made some great relationships with fellow bloggers. I’m so inspired and I can’t wait to see what the BlogPodium team has in store for us next year. If you were there, I would love to hear about your experience. Check out #blogpodium15 for more behind the scenes pics. See you soon!

Photo Credit (except last photo) Vancouver Photo Booth

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