Say It With Cardbox

As you may know, I’m a card giver, always have been, always will be. If you are in my life, you have definitely been a recipient of one or more from me over the years!

When I was growing up, sending an email wasn’t even an option… did I just say that?! haha. My mother raised me to send a thoughtful thank you card after every birthday and holiday to say a BIG thank you to those who I loved that sent us gifts. This is a gesture and tradition that I have continued and have now have began with my own children. I am very proud to say that I love sending personal, handwritten notes. They 100% brighten someones day and it’s always nice to receive something in your mailbox other than bills!

The Social Gal - CardBox 1

I recently had the pleasure of working with a Canadian Card Box company called Sendtiment and their monthly subscription; CardBox. I was super excited when my pastel pink CardBox arrived at my door and I was EVEN MORE excited when I unwrapped the beautifully hand wrapped package to discover all of the carefully selected cards with original prints and sayings on them. The box even included a personalized note from the owners – Tanya and Terry. They have been working very diligently to include a personalized note to every CardBox recipient – now that’s sending a little love!

The Social Gal - Cardbox 2

My CardBox came jam packed with original, hand drawn and lettered cards, art prints and gift tags. The package even included pieces from the Toronto based paper and goods shop, Sea + Lake Paper Co. which is so awesome because I love supporting Canadian companies…I even found my hubby leaving me little grocery notes on my new note pad …Now I will have no excuse to forget the bacon!

The Social Gal - Cardbox 4

It’s so nice to have cards on hand and ready for any special occasion or when you feel like sending a note just because. Now that I have children, I often find that I have to make a specific trip to the store when I need a card. So this subscription comes in SUPER handy because now I’m ready for anything that may come my way!

The Social Gal - CardBox 5

If your looking for something new and exciting to give as a gift this holiday season, think about a monthly subscription, or even a one time CardBox. Sendtiment has been kind enough to offer my readers 10% off their 6 or 12 month subscription from now until Christmas Eve with code: SOCIALGAL10. Sending one of these card boxes will let the recipient know that you’re thinking about them monthly and now they will have NO EXCUSE as to why they didn’t send you a birthday card! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Make sure you also head over to my Instagram account to ENTER TO WIN A CARDBOX – It takes less than a minute and you won’t regret it! Happy Gift Giving!

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