My Secret Spinach Dip

Christmas is finally here!!!

I felt as though Christmas crept up on us a little bit this year and I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would be considering I’m on maternity leave and all. Did any of you feel that way?

I spent this week decking the halls and shopping for last minute stocking stuffers and groceries for the big day. I still need to put all my bins and paper away and it seems like the totes have been out for weeks!!! I swear by the time I get them put away, it will be time to pack this holiday up already. LOL.

Over the holidays I am hoping to sneak in a little bit of kid free shopping and maybe a nap or two but before all the fun begins, I wanted to share my mom’s secret spinach dip recipe with you that I will be whipping together for the holidays. It’s super quick and easy and anytime I’m going to a party or potluck, I’m always asked to bring it! Also, I think it’s one of the reasons my hubby married me. It’s insanely delicious, so you be the judge.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and I will see you next year!

The Social Gal - Spinach Dip


500 ml of real mayonnaise

500 ml of sour cream

1 package of dried Knorr vegetable soup mix

2 packages of frozen spinach (thawed)

2 loaves of fresh sour dough bread (sliced)



In a strainer, thaw the spinach and drain the excess water out.

In a separate bowl, mix the mayo and sour cream together. Add the soup mix (I remove the vegetable chunks). Stir the mixture very well.

Stir in the spinach and refrigerate dip.

Slice the two loaves fully instead of putting the spinach into a bread bowl.

Voila, It’s that easy!

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