3 Tips To Surviving 2016

Happy Thursday!

Do you ever get worked up over things that are so far in advance for no reason whatsoever?! I DO, I DO!

In my last post, I shared a look back at 2015. It was truly a magical year, a new baby, a more relaxed outlook on life. Why can’t it just stay like this forever… well….because we all have bills to pay and it’s time to get back to reality – and work.

My maternity leave is up in May and I will be returning to work 4 days a week. In our household, I tend to the cooking and cleaning so the thought of managing this again on my own while working is what’s causing an OVERWELMING feeling of anxiety. Here are some of the tools and resources that I will be utilizing in 2016 to manage our busy household (and my busy mind).


Simplified Planner on table

Emily Ley Planners and Printables

It was January 1st in a blink of an eye and I hadn’t even looked into a new agenda to organize my thoughts for the year. Note to self: diarize ordering a new Agenda for September so it’s not a panic (and they won’t be all sold out!). I really wanted a weekly planner vs. a daily planner as I like to focus on life week by week. I loved the idea of having two separate planners. One for my blog and one for our personal affairs. Emily Ley offered a home based binder that was right up my alley. I also loved her free online printables.

She offers lots of handy tips on her Facebook page (I’ve added her to “see first” on my Facebook Newsfeed) so I can catch the daily tip each morning. Here are two that I definitely needed to do as soon as I saw them! She is celebrating her babies turning one this week with a full week of SALES. Did somebody say “SALE” – Yes Please!

image: pinterest
image: pinterest


Click and Collect

I want to bring my children to the grocery store – SAID NO ONE EVER! LOL. So I introduce to you my new best friend…Superstore’s ‘Click and Collect’. For a $3.00 fee (so cheap – I know!) Superstore will have their handy staff do your shopping for you. You order online, pick your time slot, checkout and drive up. You can even utilize their ‘notes’ function to advise the shopper that you would like ie. two bunches of bananas, one ripe and one green. I like choosing the ‘substitute’ option. This made me nervous at first, so I chose ‘do not substitute’ but there were a couple items that were out of stock that they promptly advised me of and suggested their substitute, which were exactly what I would have grabbed. The only item I don’t substitute is their in house cheese bread because nothing compares!

image: pinterest
image: pinterest

Organize My Inbox

My inbox is seriously BLOWING UP with emails. Between the latest sales and personal messages, It was time to sift through it all and get back on track. I decided to link my phone so that when I delete an email, it also deletes it from my inbox. I created folders to file all my important emails, recipes, photos etc.

My main problem was not being able to see what I was subscribed to. I actually intended to unsubscribe to a bunch of subscriptions but just didn’t make the time. Unroll me is a free app that helped me gain control of my inbox again and helped me decide which emails I wanted to keep coming in and which ones I was OVER. It took me under two minutes to unsubscribe from over 25 subscriptions.

I hope some of these tips can help you as much as they are proving to help me! I would love to hear what tips you have to simplifying life! Please be sure to share in the comments below. Have a great week!

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