An Evening At Diner en Blanc Okanagan 2016

Morning – Happy Saturday!

Among  the commotion of returning to work after babes #2 (hence me being MIA from blogging for the past month as I adjust), I had the opportunity to sneak away for a couple events recently. One of them was the MUCH anticipated Diner en Blanc. This is HANDS DOWN my favorite event of the year!!!

The Social Gal - Diner en Blanc Love Ball

Diner en Blanc is an all white (not cream), elegant, pop up picnic. Guests are transported by bus to a SECRET location that you don’t find out about until you are en route. You can feel the excitement build as guests get on their buses. Once you arrive, the tunes are cranked by a local dj and the set up begins. You set up your dining table, chairs, linens, decor and food and crack open the vino as the rest of the guests arrive.  The event commences once all buses have arrived  and all guests are set up. We all wave our white napkins as commencement of the evening.

We  enjoyed our 3 course meal (on fine china of course – cause that’s how I roll ;)). If you’re looking for a more seamless experience, you can purchase dinner through the Diner en Blanc Okanagan website (I may go this route next year!).

The event goes on rain or shine and this year was a cool and windy one.  We ended up looking at the forecast last minute and snagging a bunch of white umbrellas thanks to Amazon Prime and their  2 day shipping. Thank goodness, because it did sprinkle just as we arrived! As you can see from the pics below, we did have a couple issues with the umbrellas lol. By the end of the evening, the wind picked up… I was sending a snap and in the background I look, and the guys’ umbrella blew right open in the opposite direction – you had to be there – or maybe you saw it on my Snapchat (thesocialgal)?! I laughed SO loud! Who happens to catch THAT on video!!!

A bunch of you were asking about how long this event is – it’s about a 5 hour production from beginning to end. The second year I went, we bused from Kelowna all the way out to the secret location in Peachland – that was a midnight kind of night!

This was my third year attending. They’ve been going for four years now. We’ve gone to Father Pandosy,  the Peachland Baseball Field and this years location: The Dolphins downtown. 1100 people attended this year and every year the numbers seems to increase! I couldn’t IMAGINE (well maybe I could!?) what it would be like to plan a  party for 1100 people!!!??? I have to say that the first year that I went was my fave – it was a very close knit event with SUPER loud and killer tunes! EVERYONE was up dancing! The past couple of years have been in much larger locations and the dj always seems to be way over yonder so you can’t always hear the tunes as loud unless you go to the dance floor.

The reason I totally love this event is that you meet SO MANY new people. There’s a real sense of community. Have you ever traveled and done a day trip on a catamaran? You don’t know anyone when you begin and by the end of it, everyone’s sharing drinks and celebrating like lifelong friends – that’s what this feels like!

The Social Gal - Diner En Blanc Sails

Dress: LuLus Glasses: Venus Eyewear

In order to attend, you have to sign up for the guest list in advance. Attendees are notified via email (and the Diner en Blanc Okanagan Facebook Page) around June.  If you have never attended this event, you are grouped into the last phase but I promise … it’s worth the wait! \see what you missed here. Until Next Year- Cheers 🙂

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