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I am writing to you from the comfort of my couch as my entire family is sound asleep at 9 pm (a miracle… I know!) and I am actually able to sit comfortably and type without a baby strapped in a carrier or nursing.

I haven’t been able to blog about this chapter of my life as much as I would have liked due to the fact that I am official Mom of two. I am also in the process of moving my father from the home that him and mom owned (she passed 6 years ago) to a condo. I’m sure you can imagine how sorting through 30 years of personal items is going – It’s a ton of work! That being said, I am finally able to share with you photos of our growing family.

The Social Gal - Family 1
First Family Pic

Chase, Madison and I are pleased to announce that on June 13th, 2015 at 5:07pm (pushing began at 5pm! That story deserves its own post!) little Miss Kennedy Lauren Spence (named after my father in law and sister in law) joined our family.

The Social Gal - Family 2
M holding her baby sister – this was the moment it was all about

She was a healthy 7lbs 12 oz and measured 20 inches in length. She was delivered at the Kelowna General Hospital thanks to two lovely nurses (Wendy and Carol) and our amazing doctor, Dr. Y. We were all pleased to share this moment together as 4 years earlier things did not go as smoothly. We were lucky enough to head home the following evening and we have been settling in ever since.

Madison is adjusting pretty well. We are still teaching her not to poke the baby or touch the soft spot on her head… one step at a time! We have had a few setbacks with nightmares ect. and she keeps asking why the baby always cries all the time (honey- if only you knew how much you cried!), especially as we are trying to read bedtime stories – it seems to never fail! I wouldn’t say that parenting two children is easy, but what I will say is that I am much more laid back now that I know what to expect and I am not stressing over every little sound and situation.

During our first week home we had the luxury of having the talented Rebecca from Rebecca Siewert Photography visit us to capture those first memories as a family of four. Even looking back now as we approach 8 weeks old, it’s a good reminder of how quickly they grow! Can you even believe how gorgeous these tissue paper flowers by Krista at Mosaic Party & Event Design are!? They add a major pop of colour for the nursery!

I look forward to bringing you many new exciting post and products in the coming months as we refresh our memory on what it’s like to parent a newborn. Wish us luck!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Siewert Photography Florals: Mosaic Party & Event Design

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